• RJ McCollam

    RJ McCollam

    Well, I’m a builder. It’s what I like to do most. I have been building things for the web in a serious way since 2008 as a freelancer and also holding a number of positions in different companies. The reason I do what I do is simple, freedom. I love what I do, and working…

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  • Sarah Jacquier

    Sarah Jacquier

    Sarah has always loved reading and writing but wasn’t sure how she wanted to turn that love into a career. After several unhappy semesters of accounting classes, Sarah found the editing minor as a sophomore at Brigham Young University. It was true love from day one. Her English literature degree was just an interesting sideline…

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  • Cody Martens

    Cody Martens

    Cody’s passion for marketing, mortgage, finance, and real estate started in college. During his senior year at the University of Utah, he received his real estate license and started selling residential real estate in Salt Lake City, Utah. Then, in the spring of 2006, he graduated with a double major in finance and marketing. During…

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