Cody Martens

Cody’s passion for marketing, mortgage, finance, and real estate started in college. During his senior year at the University of Utah, he received his real estate license and started selling residential real estate in Salt Lake City, Utah. Then, in the spring of 2006, he graduated with a double major in finance and marketing.

During his real estate career Cody’s main hobby was creating all of his own marketing materials for his business. When his colleagues started asking him to help them with their marketing as well, he realized his true passion in life was marketing real estate and mortgage products, not selling them.

So, in February of 2011, Luminary Agent was born.

He continued selling real estate and working at Luminary Agent, helping with his colleagues’ marketing. In January 2012 he was recruited to be the web and social media strategist for a nationwide mortgage company. Seeing this as an opportunity to develop his skills and make some valuable contacts, he agreed, all while continuing to work on his grand plans for Luminary Agent.

Then, in July 2013, Cody moved to Portland, Oregon, and decided it was time to take Luminary Agent full-time. Since then, Luminary Agent has grown from a one-person company to a team of highly-skilled designers, developers, copywriters, and marketers—all with passion and knowledge for helping mortgage professionals with their content marketing.

Cody lives in Portland, Oregon with his two dogs, Arnold and Palmer. He spends most of his free time eating great Portland food and drinking great Oregon Pinot Noir.

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