Sarah Jacquier

Sarah has always loved reading and writing but wasn’t sure how she wanted to turn that love into a career. After several unhappy semesters of accounting classes, Sarah found the editing minor as a sophomore at Brigham Young University. It was true love from day one. Her English literature degree was just an interesting sideline to editing.

Sarah started working as a freelance editor and proofreader right after graduating from college. Over the next five years, she also learned how to typeset and spent the next several years editing, proofreading, and typesetting hundreds of book pages.

In 2015 Sarah decided to quit freelancing and focus exclusively on her work at Top Left Creative. She loves getting to interact with customers and customers’ clients, as well as write compelling content and, of course, edit whatever she can get her hands on.

Sarah lives in small-town Kansas with her husband, Matthew, and their two young daughters. In her down time, she reads classic literature and non-fiction, cooks a wide variety of food, and dabbles in photography.

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