How You’re Ruining Your Online Marketing Success By Not Doing These 4 Things

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The best way to be successful in your online marketing is to always add to your “list”. We define our “list” as anyone who follows you online in one way or another. Every day you should be getting new website visitors, new email subscribers, new social media fans / followers, and new blog readers. Each of these people adds to your list, increases your online reach, and grows your success.

Where do you find these people? The BEST place to start is your own contact list / sphere of influence / client base. Are all of your clients, both old and new, subscribed to your newsletter? Are all of your clients fans of your Facebook page? Here are 4 things you need to be doing every day to improve your online marketing success.

Have An Email Subscribe Form On Your Website

Are you capturing those anonymous website visitors by asking them to subscribe to your email newsletter? A great way to keep track of your website visitors after they’re done is to have them join your email “list”. Any email sending service will allow you to create a free subscribe form to add to your website that will allow anyone to sign themselves up.

Ask Your Clients To Recommend You On Social Media

When you close a transaction with a client, do you ask them to mention and recommend you on Facebook or Twitter? Word of mouth is the best way to gain trust and when you’re mentioned by your clients online, that recommendation is seen by all of their friends who already trust them. It’s like they just put everyone they know into a room and said, “Hey, use this person.”

Communicate To Your Clients Every Month

It is a fool’s thought to think that your clients will recommend you six months, one year, two years after their closing. We all get too busy, thinking only of the 50 tasks at hand, or the 10 most recent interactions we’ve had. However, if you’re putting your face in front of your clients each and every month, your chances of a referral go up exponentially. Be one of those 10 most recent interactions by sending out a communication to your clients every month.

(Hey! Have you checked out our monthly email newsletter product? We send it to your clients for you every month. You don’t have to do a thing! Available for both mortgage and real estate.)

Put Your Social Media URLs On Everything

Is a link to your Facebook page in your email signature? What about on your business cards, flyers, websites, postcards, vinyl stickers, folders… you get the idea. Remind anyone and everyone exactly how they can connect with you online every chance you get. (Look for our step-by-step tutorial on how to add these links to your email signature next week!)

Once these four things are implemented, they’ll take little time to keep up-to-date and will have a HUGE impact on your online marketing success. Stay tuned for other tips and tricks from Top Left Creative.

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