7 Questions Every Real Estate Agent Should Ask Before Posting to Social Media


Have you ever posted something to social media and you feel like it landed on blind eyes? Maybe it was something that you thought was interesting but it turns out your audience thought otherwise?

Learning what to post to social media takes a lot of trial and error. You have to learn what types of content your audience likes (and dislikes) but who has that kind of time!?

In this episode of The Luminary Agent Podcast, Cody and Sarah talk about the 7 questions every real estate agent should ask themselves before posting to social media. Hopefully these 7 questions will help level out the learning curve for you so that you can start posting engagement-worthy social media posts now.

Show Notes

Things we talk about in this episode:

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Think about your audience and whether or not they would find your post interesting.

Also, please, please make sure you go check out Luminary Agent’s 14-Day Social Media Challenge at https://luminaryagent.com/14day

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