Blogging is Dead. Long Live Blogging.


When I say blogging should be part of your 2024 real estate marketing strategy, do you roll your eyes and think, wow, what year is this guy in? 2007?

After all, today’s content is full of 60-second Reels and shorter (R.I.P. Vine), and our attention span is at an all-time low. Who has time to read a 1500-word blog post? It seems like blogging is dead.

But I’m here to tell you that blogging for real estate isn’t dead and that it holds a huge advantage for you as an agent. Read on and I’ll explain to you why blogging is a great addition to any agent’s marketing strategy.

Blogging Creates More Content

Have you ever sat down and tried to come up with a week’s or month’s worth of content for social media? It’s daunting, especially trying to create ideas one at a time.

Imagine if you could easily create a bunch of content from just one main idea. That’s the power of a blog post.

One blog post can become 20, even 30 different pieces of content. It’s one reason why blog posts are the cornerstone of all content we produce at Luminary Agent. With any given post, I can turn it into:

  • An email newsletter
  • A video script
  • A bunch of social media posts

Even the video I film from the content in the blog post can be cut up into smaller pieces of content for social media.

Take this post, for example. Here are 6 social media post ideas just from this one post:

  • Carousel post with each slide one of the headings
  • Reel using this trending audio showing “Is blogging dead?” then at the beat drop showing “Hell no!” with a moving gif “Read the Caption”. Then I can put a quick blurb about each section in the status.
  • Record a video talking about this topic and each section then break the video up into four videos, one for each section

The thing about social media is that it can be difficult to know exactly what type of content and in what format will resonate most with your audience. You have to test, test, test. Blog posts give you enough content that you can test many different messages to see which one works.

Blogging Makes You a Better Agent

Writing an effective blog post involves two things that ultimately make you a better agent.

First, blogging makes you sit down and put your thoughts together in a cohesive way.

Second, blogging requires you to research the topic you’re writing about and fill in any knowledge gaps you may have.

Both of these things make you a better agent because a) you learn how to communicate on the blog topic thoroughly, and b) you learn information you may not know (or validate information you already knew to be true).

Let’s say you’re writing a blog post about the average lifespan of a home’s systems (a topic we are writing about now for our clients). Through your years in real estate, picking up on information from countless home inspections, you may have a general idea about the lifespan of a water heater or a furnace.

But what about a roof? A foundation? How often should a house be painted? Suddenly you’re learning what you don’t know about the lifespan of a home’s systems, and you’re validating what you do know.

Next time you’re writing an offer or negotiating for repairs, you have a solid understanding of how to advocate for your client for these particular items. Plus, you’re confident in your knowledge.

You’re now a better agent than you were previously.

Blogging Makes You an Authority

In addition to making you a better agent, blogging also makes you an authority. Buyers and sellers want and need competent, authoritative agents to help them with buying and selling. (One might even say they need a Luminary agent.)

Imagine I’m a potential seller. I’m referred to you by my co-worker and naturally, the first thing I do is look you up online. I click on your website, start poking around, and find a plethora of information on selling a house. Information that answers questions I have and gives me insight into questions I didn’t even know to ask.

Or let’s say I’m a first-time home buyer and I ask you a question about earnest money and what happens to it if I cancel the contract. Think of the impact of providing some immediate information and then following up with a comprehensive blog post that details every question someone might have about earnest money.

Blogging Solves a Need

Have you ever watched a TikTok and thought, “Is that true?” Next thing you know you’re down a rabbit hole and suddenly you’ve lost two hours of your life researching perfect subflooring for a basement remodel—and you don’t even have a basement. 

Even in a world full of 60-second Reels and attention fatigue, when people want to know a topic in-depth, they turn to long-form content like blog posts to do it. When you Google an informational topic, most (or all) of the search results are blog posts.

Real estate is such a complex and in-depth topic, of course people are trying to answer every question they have about the process. Blogging creates an opportunity for you to have the answers to their questions.

Blogging Gets You More Clients

Ultimately, the real benefit of blogging is it gets you more clients. It not only creates opportunities for you to generate lots of content (thus reaching more people), but it also makes you a better agent and establishes you as a real estate authority (making sure the people who find you feel confident to hire you).

Each of these things builds on the other.

If you’ve decided to make blogging a part of your marketing strategy as an agent, let us know in the comments.

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