Real Estate Social Media

Sidekick represents you with local real estate social media.

Sidekick Helps You Stand Out

Original Social Media Content

Don’t suffer from OPC (Other People’s Content). Sidekick posts original social media content for you that will stop thumbs from scrolling and make you look good (not someone else).

Local, Relevant Posts

Most companies post generic, boring content from all over. Sidekick posts unique content that’s relevant to your local market.

Professional Designs

Sidekick doesn’t just post links. The people behind Sidekick are professional designers and create beautiful graphics for Sidekick to share on your profiles.


Benefit from Our Social Media Experience

Know What Works

The team behind Sidekick has been doing local real estate social media for a long time. They’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

Use the Right Platforms

Sidekick knows which platforms to focus on and which ones are a waste of time and is constantly on the lookout for new frontiers.

  • Top Left Creative has had a definite impact on my business this year. I can attribute at least 1 to 2 additional sales/leads per month that come directly from their marketing efforts. The marketing pieces are “catchy” and my clients enjoy receiving them. I would definitely recommend using TLC!

    Ashley Lindsey

    REALTOR® | Keller Williams | Salt Lake City, UT

Don't believe the hype! Print isn't dead.

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