Real Estate Email Marketing

Sidekick stays in touch with open-worthy local real estate emails.

Know Sidekick is Working

Track Opens, Bounces, and Unsubscribes

Sidekick keeps track of who opens your emails, whose emails bounce, and who unsubscribes (how dare they?!).

Track Clicks, Too!

Sidekick links to your blog content and tracks every click. You’ll know if someone actually clicks through to read your blog post, helping you identify your most engaged clients.

Sidekick Makes You Look Good . . . Real Good

Professional Email Designs

Sidekick’s emails aren’t the DIY variety. They look great because they’re designed and coded by professionals.


Sidekick loves mobile phones, so all our emails look great on any screen size and device. No more pinching and zooming!

  • Without Top Left Creative I would not have a business. Having TLC do my marketing allows me to spend my time going on appointments and writing contracts instead of putting marketing pieces together. My business has increased 40% since TLC took over and has given me a great amount of leverage. I would recommend TLC to anyone.

    Rich Varga

    REALTOR® | Keller Williams | Salt Lake City, UT

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