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Sidekick attracts more clients with local real estate content.

Sidekick Shows You Know the Local Market

Local Blog Posts

Generic real estate content is boring. Sidekick’s blog posts are always about your local market.

Quarterly Market Report

Every quarter, Sidekick creates and posts a local market report full of helpful stats and information.

Sidekick Grows Your Database

Monthly Downloadable Items

Every month, Sidekick will add another downloadable item to your website. Then, people can exchange their email address for the information.

Collect Contact Info

This adds them to your email database so Sidekick can work on turning them into a client and referral partner!

  • I am amazed at how well Top Left Creative can take a concept and turn it into a masterpiece. The team at TLC pours their hearts into their work. They have made our marketing so much easier!

    Ken Perry

    Founder & President | Knowledge Coop | Vancouver, WA

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