The Struggle in the Journey – Sharing My Fears, Insecurities, and Purpose

This episode has all the feels! This week I decided to share part of my journey from hiring a business coach, defining my purpose (which, to keep it real, has since changed), working through some of my fears and limiting beliefs, and talking about two personality traits that hold me (and most of us) back – perfectionism and comparison.

Special shoutout to my business coach, Jay Puppo. You’re the best!

Show Notes

  • [Link] Gary Keller’s Book, “The ONE Thing”
  • [Link] Pareto Principle
  • [Link] The Ed Mylett Show with Chris and Heidi Powell
  • [Link] Chris and Heidi Powell’s Power Promise
  • [Link] Armchair Expert Podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert
  • [Link] “Done is Better Than Perfect” Podcast Episode with Cat Jerger
  • [Link] Video of Me Recording in Public (and Feeling Awkward AF)
  • [Link] The Ed Mylett Show on Comparison

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