Our Story

Hi, I’m Cody Martens, Founder / CEO of Luminary Agent. Luminary Agent is a small and passionate group of entrepreneurs whose primary focus is to help mortgage and real estate professionals with their content marketing.

Luminary Agent was born out of my own real estate business in 2011. I watched my fellow agents and loan officers struggle with their marketing, both with the content and the quality. I had such a passion for my own marketing that I started helping them with theirs as well.

I started with email newsletters and web design, then moved into social media. However, I kept finding myself with my hands tied because I wasn’t able to control all the pieces of the puzzle. I’d write a blog post but didn’t have an email list to send it out. I’d help with social media but didn’t have any original content to share.

This was also affecting our customers’ results. Because we weren’t doing things correctly, there were huge holes in our efforts, and they weren’t seeing the return on investment they required.

Content marketing doesn’t work well when you’re doing it in bits and pieces. Each part works together with every other part to deliver a powerful message to your clients.

It was frustrating, to say the least. I wanted a system that would work well for any mortgage or real estate professional, one that had everything they needed to attract, convert, nurture, and delight their clients.

So my team and I built it.

We took all of our knowledge and experience in content marketing, mortgage, and real estate, and created a powerful content marketing system tailored just for you.

I truly hope you’ll see the value our system has for your business. Let us put it to use for you.