Our Culture

It might sound weird, but we like coming to work every day!

Our Mission

Top Left Creative’s mission is to help mortgage and real estate professionals close more deals by using powerful content marketing to attract, convert, nurture, and delight their clients.

This mission guides our business and all of the decisions we make—both large and small. When our decisions and goals are aligned with our mission, everybody wins.

Our Philosophies

These philosophies form the code that we live by at Top Left Creative from day to day. We live out these philosophies with ourselves, our vendors, our customers, and our customers’ clients.

Be Personal.

People like people, not companies. They want to work with people whom they trust—people who understands their needs and want to help. We speak to our customers like they’re actually people—because they are.

Be Awesome.

Being truly awesome happens when we believe in what we do and are dedicated to seeing it through. Everything we do is our very best—no cutting corners and no doing things the quick way. This applies to our products, our service, and our appreciation.

Be Honest.

We’re always honest in everything we say and do, even if it means losing out in the short term—because honesty always wins out in the end. Honesty creates trusting relationships—our favorite kind of relationship.

Be Giving.

We always come to our customers asking what we can do for them, not asking what they can do for us. If we come from a place of giving and providing value, we’ll build trust and, over time, earn their business.

Be Unique.

We believe in creating unique marketing assets for each customer. We don’t create generic, bland content with little or no value. We create meaningful content that aligns with our customer’s message and speaks to his or her clients.